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One more event for me to go on my Apple bashing trip.

The question we need to ask is Apple the largest tax payer or is the company that has avoided paying the most tax.

Read the articles and let your blood boil.

Another point to note is that the company was setup in Ireland in 1980. So how much more tax has Apple avoided.

The rules of Ireland says that the companies will be taxed where they operate and the US laws say that companies will be taxed where they are incorporated. So Apple incorporated a company in Ireland and carried out operations from the US. So it is neither taxable in the US nor in Ireland.

What Apple has done seems to be legal, but is it something that would be expected of a morally right company?

A nice post on Apple and its patents

How very true, patents are being used for very wrong purposes.

High time the patent office sit up and take notice at the mess it has been created in the name of safeguarding inventions and protecting creators from fraudsters.

While one cannot do away with patents one needs to come down with a heavy hand on patent trolls and companies like Apple which are using patents to malign others and cut down businesses of others.

The Patent Office needs to take cognizance of its mistakes, acknowledge it and clean up its act and become wary of granting patents at the whims and fancy of the companies or being overawed by the person claiming the patent (this is possibly what happened with Steve Jobs and Apple).

Another good read, a year old but still very relevant

Read the link to see what Apple has stolen.
I seem to enjoying all the Apple bashing that is going on. Here goes one more.
Honest Apple Store

Read the tagline.
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It is definitely as childish as the above cartoon.
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Disclaimer: Most of these are from
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Look where all Apple Maps takes Batman to.

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This another shameless copying by Apple. The clock icon in the iPhone and iPad are a ripoff from the Swiss Railway clock which is patented by Swiss Railways. The two clocks side by side to clear any doubts of Apple Fanboys only the logo has been done away. Thankfully they have not substituted it with the Apple logo. We can possibly soon see Apple suing the Swiss Railways for what it has patented. See the comments by the Apple fanboys in this article.