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A wonderful, inspiring movie on the woman boxer from Manipur. It starts with Mary Kom’s life as a tomboyish youngster who keeps picking up fight with the boys. One day during the course of a chasing a boy she gets into a boxing camp. She is captivated by what she sees and decides to enroll.

The coach tests her by asking her to come to the training ground everyday for a month and tries to discourage her by ignoring her. But perseveres and the coach takes her under his guidance. She does all this without her father knowing as he is opposed to her joining boxing and he believes this will disfigure her and would ruin her chances of getting married.

Mary soon wins a championship which is splashed in the papers. When her father sees this, he fumes and burns Mary;s gloves. But Mary continues and her father stops speaking to her.

Mary continues to win championship after championship despite minimum support from the government organizations.
The person leading the organization is a typical corrupt officer who keeps the bulk of the funds for himself and does not utilize the funds to provide facilities for the boxers.

She meets her future husband and soon decides to marry him. The coach is against the idea as he feels this will ruin her chances to win more championships and refuses to coach her. She soon becomes pregnant and she has to stay away from boxing.

After a few months of the birth the husband notices that Mary has become morose and he encourages her to take up boxing once again. She picks it up with gusto and starts training while she continues to nurse the twins. The coach refuses to take her on. But later he relents and starts coaching her.

She goes on to win the world championship as one of her twin undergoes a surgery for a hole in his heart. The film depicts Mary’s fight along with her child’s fight for its life.

Definitely it is an embellished version of Mary’s life, but it is neither exaggerated nor does it have too much masala. Just enough to keep it from being classified as a documentary.

A very good watch.