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I want license to kill these people who want license to kill birds of prey. I need license to kill these humans of prey so that others can live peacefully without being bothered by these beasts who lust for blood of animals.
A few kilometers off Otavalo there is this Parque de Condors which as the name suggests is a Park of Condors. Condor is the National bird of Ecuador and they are becoming extinct. This park was established to take care of the birds that are rescued from threatening environments.

The plaque at the entrance of the park

A plaque at the entrance of the park states that birds are not captured from its natural environment to be brought to this park, but only rescued birds are brought to this place.
They have a good collection of Owls, Eagles, Kites and the centerpiece of this park is a pair of Andean Condors. The condors were in a mood the day we went, not sure if it the same or better other days and they gave us an demo of their dance.
Could not capture it very well. But there are some pictures of them giving us a demo of their dance.

Posing for us.

Showing off how wide he is.

Showing off again

Here are some snaps of other birds of prey in the park.

A spectacled owl

Another owl

One more owl

Another owl

A snow owl


A bald eagle screaming his head off

Looking ahead

A bird of prey

A trainer with the bird of prey

A close up of a bird of prey

And to top it the view in and from the park is fantastic.

The auditorium where the trainers show off the birds