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The Incredible BankerThe Incredible Banker by Ravi Subramanian
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Another banking related book by an ex-banker. The book begins with a Naxalite blowing up a bus in a remote part of India. This is followed by a call from the Governor of RBI to to a CEO of a Global Bank in India. The CEO is issued a show cause notice.

The book then jumps back and forth between the two incidents and the author depicts why the CEO gave the show cause to the CEO. The protagonist is an ambitious banker who wishes to climb higher and higher in the banking corporate. He cuts a few corners in the process and this lands him in a soup that he never expects to find himself in.

In the narration he touches upon the typical political atmosphere of a private bank. It depicts how people put down others so that they can go up the corporate ladder.

In the process the author also depicts how the press jumps to conclusion.

A good read. The author has given a twist in the end, but the impact of the twist is minimal.

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Devil In PinstripesDevil In Pinstripes by Ravi Subramanian
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The book starts with the arrest of a top notch MNC bank associate. The book goes back and forth between the events that lead to the arrest of the associate and his present state.

The background is that a MBA graduate joins a MNC bank and gets married young. His young wife, who despite being a doctor by profession takes up banking profession to be in line with this life. Their careers grow in parallel but hers being curtailed to let him bloom.

Circumstances create a situation so that they both end up the same organization, where he has an antagonistic peer and the same person his her manager. The manager uses her to get details of his moves and this confounds them to no end.

This leads him to make choices which result in his being arrested.

A decent read. Gives some insight into the workings of an MNC bank. It brings out the cut-throat competition and the greyer side of the tactics employed by the bank and its associates when it comes to business.

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If God Was a BankerIf God Was a Banker by Ravi Subramanian
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The book is about three yuppies who join a MNC bank one the same day after their B-School. They become close friends and joining this group the secretary of their first manager.

The first one is a brash, gregarious, north Indian who does not mind using other’s ideas as his own and does not mind flirting and sleeping around with anyone. He does not mind using is position to get his female colleagues to sleep with him. And all this while he is married.

The second is a shy, humble, intellectual, south Indian, who is also high on morals. He does not mind giving up a lucrative position to be back with his mother who has struggled to bring him up.

The third is a gregarious north Indian girl who falls for the soft spoke south Indian and gets married to him.

The fourth character is the secretary of the first manager who falls for the brash guy and marries him.

On the very first day all the three of them manage to impress their manager who is embarking on launching retail banking in India on behalf of the MNC bank.

Soon the two guys have meteoric rise up the corporate ladder, one due to his intellect and the other due to his machinations and manipulations. The lady who marries the south Indian takes a break from work.

In the end the actions of the north Indian come back to hit him. All through this his friends support him unflinchingly.

The book is a light, entertaining read for a short haul flight. It is on the lines of the books of Chetan Bhagat, eminently readable with little substance.

It is surprising that the book got such a reception given the fact that a south Indian has been portrayed as a goody goody guy, while the north Indian guy has been portrayed as a brash, unscrupulous guy. While there is some element of truth in portraying a South Indian as a shy person and the North Indian as a gregarious person, when it comes to unscrupulousness it does not matter whether one is a South or a North Indian. There are equal numbers in both the geographies.

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