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then read
Isn’t Australia is doing what England did to them a few decades ago.
The extract from Wikipedia (Bodyline) “A bodyline delivery was one where the cricket ball was pitched short so as to rise towards the body of the batsman on the line of the leg stump, in the hope of creating leg-side deflections that could be caught by one of several fielders in the quadrant of the field behind square leg. This was considered by many to be intimidatory and physically threatening, to the point of being unfair in a game once supposed to have gentlemanly traditions, but commercialisation of the game has subsequently tended to elevate the principle of ‘win at all costs’ above traditional ideals of sportsmanship.”
Now read this from the rediff article “It’s a delivery, which is aimed at batsmen’s body rather than at their bat or stumps.”
Only the name has changed from “Bodyline” to “Perfume”. 
So can the same be said of the Australians, or has is it only un-sportsman like to bowl to batsmen like Bradman or should we read white man to white man?