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Based on the same island as the original Jurassic Park is a new theme park of new set of dinosaurs. The park has been engaged in breeding new sets of exotic dinosaurs by mixing and matching DNA of different animals. The latest addition is idominus Rex which is basically a T-Rex and a concoction of DNA of others like the cuttlefish. The park plans to open this attraction to the general audience.

Two brothers are sent to the park to be with their aunt, Claire, who is managing the park. The aunt sends them off with her assistant as she is busy in discussions with the corporates to further the monies of the park.

There is an army personnel hanging around. He witnesses the Velociraptors responding to a naval officer and he wants to take the dinosaurs to the army to fight the enemy as he believes they can be made to obey commands. The Naval officer advises him against it.

The naval officer who has been training the Velociraptors is asked to check the enclosure of the new Indominus-Rex. When he and Claire reach the place they find that the Dinosaur is untraceable through the heat sensor and there are paw marks on the walls. A few men including the naval officer enter the enclosure to investigate. They try to locate it using the sensor that is embedded in it and they find it in the enclosure. It has used the cuttlefish’s ability to camouflage itself. It attacks them and devours a couple and runs out of the enclosure. The naval office of course is spared.

Then begins the hunt for it in the park. In the process it wrecks havoc by killing all the other dinosaurs it finds in its way. The two boys stray into unknown territory, but as expected are saved by the skin of their teeth from the jaws of the Indonimus Rex.

Initially they try to sedate it and attack it with non-lethal weapons and after losing numerous people they decide to use lethal weapons.

The Indominus Rex breaks the enclosure of the Pterosaur and releases them. They start attacking the visitors to the park. The park rangers start shooting at the Pterasaurs and kill them one by one. Some of them are eaten by the dinosaur in the water.

The army man meanwhile takes a call to release the Velociraptors and to make them take on the Indominus Rex. The naval officer after initial hesitancy lets the velociraptors loose on the trail of the Indominus Rex. But after tracking it dow instead of attacking it, they seem to get friendly and start attacking the park rangers.

The movie climaxes with Claire taking a call to release the T-Rex and pitting it against the Indominus Rex. In the end the Indominus Rex is gobbled up by the sea dinosaur.

An OK movie, not a very great one.

As a beside, saw this in the 4DX theater at Viviana Mall Thane. The experience was not really great to say the least. Do not expect a great thrill. The movements did not match the action in the movie.

Note that this may be a biased view as I have been through too many 4Ds and may have high expectations.