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The College Functions of 1988 – 89 at Pondicherry Engineering College.

Arvind Singing

Somebody help me identify the troupe.

Some Dance
Paul Kurien and Arvind

Paul Kurien and Ravi Teja Verma gave a demo of Judo and then this mock fight was staged between Kurien and Arvind, picked up only because of his bulk.

Our Micheal Jackson and Troupe, Performing BAD

The gang of villians comprising of Vineet Nigam, Rupak Saha, R.R. Maurya, ? and Anjan trying to harass the Cute one. The cute one trying to look a cute and harassed girl is S.K. Singh.

The Clash between the Hero and Villian. Hero trying to rescue the damsel in distress

S.K Singh as the damsel in distress. Nitin Meshram as the Saviour Hero and Vineet Nigam as the Villian. The other villians are the background.

A Troupe of Dancers

Somebody help me identify them.

The most popular singer of our era, Narayanan also known as Mama and his troupe.
The future Computer Engineers trying their vocal chords.
Left to Right: Lalitha, ?, Calaiselvi, ?, ?, ?, ?
A group enjoying the waterfalls

Top Row ?,?,Pramod, Santanu Kumar Misra, Ramanan?,
Sitting: Paul Kurien, ?, ?

One more Troupe.