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Despite the evils perpetrated by the chinese regime, companies have either sold their soul to China or are in the process of doing so. Apple has already sold major part of its soul to the devil by manufacturing all its i* products in China. Now it also wishes to tie up with China Mobile to sell its iPhone product to the chinese consumers. Once the chinese start buying iPhone in bulk, and it very likely to happen, it will possibly become the biggest market forĀ  Apple. Once this happens is there anything that will stop the chinese regime from twisting Apple’s arms to get what it wants. It has no problems in twisting its peoples arms and arms of people in Tibet and Taiwan and many parts of India, will it stop itself from twisting Apples’s arms? Will the US Government react the same way it does when China twists the arms of Tibet and Taiwan? Just imagine one day the entire world will be in the hands of chinese. God forbid.