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Of late if one has been a little bit observant, one would have a seen a considerable increase in the number of hit and run cases reported in the papers. Is it that there has been an increase in the number of hit and run cases or is it that the newspapers have started paying attention to it as the drivers involved in these are the page 3 party goers.
The latest in the road smashes, involves three juvenile boys all below the legal driving age and with no driving license. They were driving a Honda and they smashed into a small time vendor and his son who were manning their wayside stall on the pavement. And obviously they tried to runaway because of the realization.
What will happen to them?
What will happen to the injured?
Who is to blame for this kind of situations arising?
What if the vendor was vending in a place where he should not have been doing so? Will the case be dismissed? (Some people actually expressed this opinion when Salman Khan mowed down some people. Since the people were sleeping on the pavement where they are not supposed to be sleeping Salman Khan should be deemed no guilty of any offence.)