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Naked In The WindNaked In The Wind by Brinda Charry
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The book has multiple protagonists. Each one tells her or his story. These protagonists belong to two families living close to each other and the maid servant . The first family is a Tamil Brahmin family and has a lady whose husband has run away, her daughter, a dentist, is married and her son is a IT consultant who is rarely at home. The husband’s mother and her other son live close by. The maid who works in the lady’s house also plays an important role in the book.
The second family, a roman catholic, consists of a lady and her husband who has a bad heart and their daughter who teaches in a college. Their son is in the US and is a priest in a church.
One other key actor in the book is the eunuch from the circus who brings a person from the circus to be treated by the dentist and ends up building a good relationship with the doctor.
The Brahmin lady has fallen into a depression and is considered mentally unstable by many. She is under heavy medication and it is the duty of the maid servant to ensure that she takes the medication as the son is not at home most of the time.
The Brahmin boy and the roman catholic girl find themselves falling in love after having known each other for more than 25 years.
The daughter leaves her husband and comes back to live with her mother and setup her practice nearby. She is too nice and so does not end up earning much.
The maid servant is unhappy in living with her husband who works in a brick manufacturing company. She likes to dress well and finds that her husband does not appreciate her need to look nice or her looking nice.
The newspaper report of raping of nuns in India which sends the christian husband into a rage.
The husband who has gone missing comes home with a handsome boy. The husband is sick and is being nursed by this youth who intrigues everybody around him.
The story meanders around the changes that these event brings about in the households and end with the death of the man, the winding up of the circus and hints at the possible return of the Brahmin girl back to her husband.
On the whole an OK read.

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