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A beautiful article on interdependence.One hopes that the corporates and the people working in the corporates realize this.

Hope people realize the futility of rat race and join hands to achieve more and more and make life better and better both for the self and for the others.

There is a similar story of how the parts of the body revolted and each claimed superiority over others. The legs said that they are the most important because without them man cannot go any where. The hands claimed that they are the most important because without them man cannot do anything. The brain claimed that since it is the font of intelligence it should be considered the most important organ of the human. All laughed when the small intestine said that it was the most vital part in the human body.

So the small intestine stopped digesting for a few days and all the organs lost their ability to function properly. This made all the organs realize that no one part is any less important than the other and unless they all worked together they will be rendered useless and will not succeed.

In a similar fashion every department and every person has their importance and the Organization cannot function efficiently without cooperation across these departments and individuals.