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Hell (A Prison Diary #1)Hell by Jeffrey Archer

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Despite the allegations against him one cannot deny the flair that Lord Archer has for writing. He has the ability to captivate his audience. This book is the diary that he kept when was in prison, serving a period for perjury. It is hard to say whether he deserved it or not. There were enough who felt he deserved it and he did get lots of mail sympathizing with his situation. His wife and family stood by him throughout the ordeal.

The book on the whole is readable. The short snippets of the life of the other inmates in the prison is what makes the book readable, although it is interspersed with inante details like him taking rice krispies and milk for breakfast and lunch and water for dinner. If he is expecting sympathy for having gone through that then he is mistaken. Only the “Lords” would probably sympathize with him for this. There are enough people who subsist on less and what he has undergone is not something to be sympathized with.

Nevertheless he manages to provide a good detail of what goes on inside a high security british jail. I would assume that jails in India and other developing countries would be lot worse than what has been described by Lord Archer except probably highlighted by the absence of drugs like herion (except for the privileged few).

I believe people get what they deserve and by that count Lord Archer would have got what he deserved for the Divine is not unfair ever.

On the whole eminently readable and yes I will read the other too.

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