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Making India AwesomeMaking India Awesome by Chetan Bhagat
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Like the other book “What Young India Wants” the author has nothing revolutionary to suggest. The positive aspect is that the author believes that people will believe and follow his advice which are good on their own.
Read it if you have time on hand, otherwise you can skip it.

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Half GirlfriendHalf Girlfriend by Chetan Bhagat
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A book that can now be categorized as a typical Chetan Bhagat book. Written from a perspective of being converted into a Bollywood movie someday. Perfect setting for a Bollywood mobie. A boorish Bihari lad comes to St. Stephens, Delhi for his graduation on sports quota. He falls in love with a rich, sophisticated Marwari girl, thanks to their common love basketball.
She does not wish to commit herself as his girlfriend while doing everything that a girlfriend would do and so she is half a girl friend. She also confesses that her ambition is to be a singer in the restaurants in New York. This her way of breaking away from the straitjacketed life she lives at her home. He goes to her house for her birthday. The scenes that play out are similar to what has played out in so many Bollywood movies.

Under pressure from his peers he tries to bed her. She refuses and walks out of his companionship. Either in frustration or under pressure from her parents she gives in and agrees to marry a rich UK resident and drops of college. The dejected Bihari finishes his graduation, gives up a lucrative job in a MNC bank and moves back to his village, where is a Maharaja of sorts, to help his mother run the school.

He happens to meet up with a person from the Gates foundation and applies for grant from them. He is asked to make a presentation to Bill Gates on a tour of India. He joins an English speaking class, in Patna, to improve his speech before presenting to Gates. He bumps into his half-girlfriend and old flames are set alight once again. She is now a divorcee working on her own and she is to work out of Patna.

She helps him with the speech and visits his house and his school. She still remains the half-girlfriend. After the presentation to Bill Gates she disappears from his life leaving him a letter stating she has only a few months to live as per the doctor’s diagnosis. An emotional lover boy finds a set of diaries written by her. He approaches Chetan Bhagat and offers him the diaries that he has not dared read till then and leaves them with him. At first Chetan refuses to read them and trashes them. But then curiosity in him is aroused and he reads the diaries and discovers something. So he calls over the lover-boy and asks him to read sections of the diaries. After refusing to do so he reads them and is stunned.

He discovers that the half-girlfriend is after all in love with him and is not dead. So he sets off to New York (remember her dream to sing in restaurants in New York) in search of her. I guess anyone who has seen Bollywood movies knows what the end would be.

A Chetan Bhagat read.

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An adaptation of Three Mistakes of my Life by Chetan Bhagat, Kai Po Che does justice to the book. The movie revolves around three youth from Gujarat who start their own business by taking loan from an upcoming politician who also happens to be the uncle of one of the trio.

One of them is a studious person who also uses this space for coaching students, one is very good at cricket and he starts a cricket academy and the third one is pushed into politics by his uncle who has provided the funding for the business. One Muslim boy who shows talent in cricket is taken under tutelage in their cricket academy.

Soon they dream of growing big and borrow once again from the politician and pay up for a store in an upcoming wall. The Bhuj earthquakes brings down their mall and their dreams. When the cricketer tries to help the Muslims he gets into a fight with the politician and the two friends break up.

The politician loses election and to gain popularity he arranges for people to go to Ayodhya for the Ram Janambhoomi. The boy makes arrangement for all those interested in going and also arranges for his parents to go along with the others. The compartment in which they are travelling is burnt by the Muslim extremists and the Hindus come for vengeance.

See the film for the culmination. The film deviates from the book in the ending.

Not a bad film.

Revolution 2020Revolution 2020 by Chetan Bhagat
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Chetan Bhagat has delivered what is expected of him a readable book (if you have liked his earlier ones). This time it covers education and how the corrupt politicians are using education institutions to make money on the sly.
The story is told from the perspective of the protagonist who is another failure (relatively speaking) in his academics, but then ties up with a politician to get his land from his uncle who has cheated him and his parents of the land which is rightfully theirs.
He goes on to build a grand college on that land with the help of the same politician and starts making more money than his peers who have done academically better than him.
His peer takes on the politician through a newspaper and goes on to lose his job.
In the process the protagonist and his peer fall in love with the same girl who only professes friendship with the protagonist much to his ire. In the end he sacrifices the girl to his peer out of remorse of having set up the college using illicit means and himself becomes a drunkard.
On the whole a typical readable Chetan Bhagat book.

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