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This is a biographical movie about Stephen Hawkings. The movie starts with Hawkings entering Oxford for his doctorate.
The doctorate students are given a set of problems to solve. Everybody fails to write something sensisble. Hawkins submits his solutions saying that he is sorry that he was able to solve only nine of the lot.
He is a little lost on what he wishes to publish his thesis on. He then thinks through and decides to write a thesis on the beginning of the universe . And he goes on to postulate the thesis. In the meantime he falls in love with a girl who is no way connected with Physics. But both get along very well and soon marry.
Before the thesis can end Hawkins starts showing signs of motor disorder. The doctors gives him only a few months to a few years to live. His wife stands by him, taking care of his and the children’s need.
His situation deteriorates and reaches a stage where he is unable to do anything on his own. He is gifted a chair which he can operate with the minimum movements of his limbs and he tries to keep himself mobile using it. He is also given a device which allows him to speak to others.
His wife becomes lonely and goes to the church. She falls in love with the music conductor at the choir and Stephan falls in love with his nurse. Both decide to part company and settle their divorce amicably.
The movie does not offer much for the science buffs. It is more a biography of Hawking’s life. Go see it if you like well made biographies.