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One of the attractions in Quito, Ecuador is the Teleferico or the Aerial Tram or the Cable Car. This goes from the bottom of the hill to the top of the hill where the volcano Pichincha is located. It does not go all the way to the crater of the volcano, but to a hill nearby.
Quito is at a height of 2800 meters above sealevel and so it enjoys a very cool climate despite it being close to the Equator.
The cable car takes one upto a height of about 4100 meters above sea level. People with breathing problems are advised not to go up as oxygen can get quite low. This a little less than half the height of Mount Everest.
There is no snow at the point where the teleferico takes one, but during cold weather there is snow on the mount Pichincha. We could not see any.
The view from the top is of whole of Quito and one can also see planes landing in the airport. It is a different feeling to see the planes below one´s feet, instead of above one´s head.

The Greenery on the mountain

A view from the Cable Car

A view from the top of the mountains

A view of the City of Quito from the top
A church at the top of the mountain

Looks like a storm gathering over Quito. It was unfounded.

On the way down.