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The Government of India took a lot of flak for having executed Yakub Memon. What could it have done to silence its critics?

Since many unrelated to Yakub were asking that he should not be hanged, since people no way related to Yakub were ready to file petition in the court, since many were ready to file a petition to the President of India, would it be right to assume that his brother, Tiger, would have done more to save his brother’s life?

Could the Government of India have issued a notice saying that it is willing to change the sentence of hanging Yakub to life imprisonment, provided, Tiger surrendered with the reasonable agreement that neither would be hung and would be awarded only life imprisonment?

Would Tiger have exchanged his incognito life for a life in a prison to save his brother?

If the Government of India had decreed that and if Tiger had not surrendered would all those who pleaded for his life have had any grounds to plead for not hanging Yakub.

Just a thought.