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The College Functions of 1988 – 89 at Pondicherry Engineering College.

Arvind Singing

Somebody help me identify the troupe.

Some Dance
Paul Kurien and Arvind

Paul Kurien and Ravi Teja Verma gave a demo of Judo and then this mock fight was staged between Kurien and Arvind, picked up only because of his bulk.

Our Micheal Jackson and Troupe, Performing BAD

The gang of villians comprising of Vineet Nigam, Rupak Saha, R.R. Maurya, ? and Anjan trying to harass the Cute one. The cute one trying to look a cute and harassed girl is S.K. Singh.

The Clash between the Hero and Villian. Hero trying to rescue the damsel in distress

S.K Singh as the damsel in distress. Nitin Meshram as the Saviour Hero and Vineet Nigam as the Villian. The other villians are the background.

A Troupe of Dancers

Somebody help me identify them.

The most popular singer of our era, Narayanan also known as Mama and his troupe.
The future Computer Engineers trying their vocal chords.
Left to Right: Lalitha, ?, Calaiselvi, ?, ?, ?, ?
A group enjoying the waterfalls

Top Row ?,?,Pramod, Santanu Kumar Misra, Ramanan?,
Sitting: Paul Kurien, ?, ?

One more Troupe.
The Civil Engineering Section

The Civil Engineering Students of 1989 Batch of Pondicherry Engineering College.
Rame Gowda the Principal trying his hand at basket ball.
These are some scenes from the Pondicherry Engineering College Hostels circa 1987-88-89.

In front of the Hostel (Professor’s Quarters temporarily transformed as the boy’s Hostel)

Sathian D, Paul Kurien, ? (One in the lungi and green towel), Narasimhan, Srinivas (arms upraised), Anjan De, Rupak Saha, P.V.S.S.V. Prasad Raju (yes those are all one person’s initials). Mohemad Riaz (?), Satish Kumar Nair.

A bunch of jolly good fellows

First Row: S.K. Singh, Rupak Saha, Anjan De, R. R. Maurya
Second Row: Nitin Meshram, J. Bhatti, Sundarraj Kaushik, Venkateswara Prasad
Third Row: Tataiah Naidu, ?, Venkatkrishnan, Satish Kumar Nair.

Karthik’s Lair

Mohan N. and Karthin Dodballarpur Nagaraj.

Karthik at his corner

D.N. Karthik

Nitin Meshram, Mohan N, Karthik D.N.
The Telugu Gang

Visveswara Rao, Ramesh Rao, Tataiah Naidu, Ravi Teja Verma, P.V.S.S.V. Prasad Raju, Venkateswara Prasad, 18 initials Narayanan, Srinivas Rao, ?

The Telugu gang at the ravines of the college

 Bottom of the Ravine B. Venkateswara Prasad, Tataiah Naidu, 18 Initials Narayana
Top of the Ravine, ?, Peesapati Syama Sundar, ?, Visweswara Rao, P.V.S.S.V. Prasad Raju, Ramesh Rao

Saravanane Jawahar and Sunil D’Souza

The Boys Hostel 1 Circa 1988
Looking to the future

Sundarraj Kaushik, Karthik D.N., Gopathy P, Sunil D’Souza, Venkateswara Prasad

My Den (Sattar’s Corner)

Abdul Sattar, Venkat Krishnan, Satish Kumar Nair, Sundarraj Kaushik,. Siddhesh Kaushik

At the entrance of the Hostel

Sitting: Anish Thomas, Sundarraj Kaushik, Amalraj (with foot on the stair and hand on the chin)
Crouching, D.N. Karthik, Shibu Koshy.
Those were the good old times.

Some photographs from the last days at Pondicherry Engineering College for the students of the Electronics and Communication Engineering Batch of 1989.

In the Mechanical Hall

Kneeling and Sitting: B.Venkateshwara Prasad, Sundarraj Kaushik, Ajay Garg, Chandraseggaran, Arumugam G:
Front Row Standing: Radjakichnen, Rama Prabhu, Sunil D’Souza, Saravanane Jawahar, Anand Padmanabhan, Velayudham P, Shahul Hameed
Behind Row Standing: Gopathy P, Somou Suresh, Suresh Kalyanaraman, Amalraj P, A. Parijadhan
Chez TGP’s
This was a get together at TGP, the HOD of ECE department before the end of the term. TGP was one of the most stoic persons that I have met.

Chez TGP

Sitting and Kneeling: Annabel Cadelis, Pradeep Kumar Dubey, Velayudham P, Ajay Garg, Karthik D.N. Ravi D, Arumugam G, Venkateswara Prasad
Standing: Urmila Banja, Ladha S, TGP’s sons, TGPs wife, TGP, Radjakichnen (Hiding), Sanjeev Prasad, Chandrasegaran, Gopathy P, Anand Padmanabhan, Shahul Hameed,  Somou Suresh
Last Row: Suresh Kalyanaraman, Sundarraj Kaushik, Yousuf P. (only the head can be seen), Susheel Kumar, Saravanane Jawahar (Head over TGP’s shoulders), Ramaprabhu (partially seen), Satyanarayanan V, Amalraj (only top of the head and eyes visible).
Chez Professor Dhananjay

Chez Dhananjayan

This was a get together arranged by Professor Dhananjay. One of the most neutral, unbiased person that I have come across.
Front liners: D.N Karthik, Gopathy P, Satyanarayanan, Ajay Garg, Amalraj, Saravanane Jawahar, Suresh Kalyanaraman, Ravi D (with the dark glasses), Anand Padmanabhan. Sunil D’Souza is behind Anand and is looking back.
Arumugam has his hands on the head of Karthik. Chandrasegarane is behind Satyanarayanan.

Standing: Susheel Kumar, can’t make out, Velayudham P, Sanjeev Prasad, Ramaprabhu, Prof. Dhananjay, Yousuf (for a change he is seen clearly), Prof. Dhananjay’s Daughter, ?, ?, Son of Prof. Dhananjay (Probably called Satya), M.K.T. Margaret, Annabel, Ladha, Djeanthi.

Thanks Sayta for the Update

Saravanane Jawahar, Karthik D.N. (above), Gopathy P, Anand Padmanabhan and Ajay Garg.

These set of photos are from the year 1988 – 89. These are photographs of the students of Electronics and Communication Engineering Batch of 1989 from Pondicherry Engineering College.

Ajay Garg, Kaushik Sundarraj Kaushik, B. Venkateshwara Prasad, Sunil D’Souza and Karthik D. N. in the Nursery of the Pondicherry Engineering College
The Class of ECE – 89

Last Row: Venkateshwara Prasad, Arumugam G., Sunil D’Souza, Karthik D.N
Last but one Row: Velayudham P. , Rama Prabhu, Parijadhan A, Amalraj P, Sundarraj Kaushik, Saravanane Jawahar
Second Row: Anand Padmanabhan, Annabel Cadelis, M.K.T. Margaret (Hiding behind a book).
First Row: Satyanarayan V, Ajay Garg

Another Picture of Students of ECE – 89 in their classroom.

First Row: Umadevi, Ladha S, Satyanarayan V, Sanjeev Prasad
Second Row: Annabel Cadelis, Urmila Banja, Djeanthi Purushoth, M.K.T. Margaret
Third Row: Rama Prabhu, A. Parijadhan, Saravanane Jawahar, Amalraj P

Fourth Row: Anand Padmanabhan,  Suresh Kalyanaraman, Sunil D’Souza, Chandrasegaran, Radjakichnen, Ajay Garg, Sundarraj Kaushik, Shahul Hameed, Susheel Kumar (Hiding Behind), Arumugam G, Ravi D
Towering Above all: Gopathy P, Karthik D.

Somewhere in Pondicherry

Our Bus Driver, Somou Suresh, Dhananjay P (our Professor), Satyanarayan V, Ravi D, Gopathy P, Anand Padmanabhan, Parijadhan A, Suresh Kalyanaraman.


This was on our trip to Eranakulam (purportedly to see a telephone exchange and we did see one), and Kodaikanal.

Somewhere in the Verdant Kodaikanal

Sundarraj Kaushik (with the cap on), Sunil D’Souza, Ravi D, Sriram B (from Civil), The Hero Parijadhan A, and Suresh Kalyanaraman.

Front Row: Sriram B, Djeanthi P, Urmila Banja, Ladha S
Second Row: Annabel Cadelis, Somou Suresh, Arumugam G, Venkateswara Prasad, Sundarraj Kaushik
Third Row: Shahul Hameed, Ajay Garg, Ravi D, Sunil D’Souza, Rama Prabhu, Saravanane Jawahar, Parijadhan A, Anand Padmanabhan

In the Bus

First Seat: Ladha S, Urmila Banja, Umadevi (Urmila, thanks for correcting me)
Second Seat: M.K.T. Margaret, Annabel Cadelis
Third Seat: Pradeep Kumar Dubey, Djeanthi P
Fourth Seat: Chandrasegarane, Suresh Kalyanaraman, Satyanarayanan P
Fifth Seat: Arugmugan G (asleep near the window), Sunil D’Souza
Sixth Seat: Almost invisible (Susheel Kumar)

Looks like this was the inspiration for Ocean’s Eleven

Ajay Garg, Anand Padmanabhan (seems bored of the routine), Venkateshwara Prasad, Sundarraj Kaushik, Ravi D, Sunil D’Souza, Suresh Kalyanaraman, Parijadhan, Karthik D. N., Saravanane Jawahar, Satyanarayanan V (Thanks everybody for pointing it out).