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Three eclipses in a row. Does triple eclipse spell disaster? That has been the speculation that has been going around. Many have quoted the bad events that have happened in the past whenever triple eclipses have happened.
But then good and bad events keep occurring and as per Hindu philosophy everything happens for good. It is just that our limited perspective makes us think that it is a bad event. Since we do not have a mechanism to see into the future we are not able to figure out the consequences of an event. What we see is only the immediate effect and if this looks bad we classify it as a bad event.

What the Hindu philosophy states is that if one realizes the consequence of an event clearly then one would not be perturbed by the event. It is because of this that the enlightened ones do not get moved (or seem unmoved) by any event.

This does not mean a callous indifference to what is happening, but a right understanding of what could be the positives of an event.
Coming back to Eclipse, should it not be surprising to layman that we do not have an eclipse every New Moon Day and Full Moon Day. The explanation for this not happening is two fold.
1. The Earth, Moon and Sun are not always on the same plane.
2. The Moon revolves in an elliptical orbit meaning it is closer to earth sometimes than others.
Both these movements put together results in eclipses not happening every Full Moon and New Moon days. Also the duration of the Eclipses are different. The long eclipses happen when the Moon is closest to the Earth as that is when it can hide the sun for the maximum duration.

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