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Oath of HippocratesOath of Hippocrates by S, Sudarsan
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The book is a about a “rebel” medical student who questions the ethics of the medical practitioners. He in particular targets his professor who keeps insisting that alternate medicines are a humbug. The student also finds out about certain misdoings of the professor.
On the eve of the final year exams the student absconds on the pretext of his grandmother being on the deathbed (which is actually a truth). He then along with his cousin goes and works with different medical practitioners practicing English medicine and also those practicing alternate medicines to find out how the practices actually run.
He discovers that both streams have their set of scrupulous and unscrupulous practitioners.
He returns back to his college and he manages to make his professor resign his post and prevents his professor’s politician friend from making him the head of the Drug Approving Authority of India in a Tehelka style sting operation.

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