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Mr. Thackeray,

This is an earnest request from a non-marathi citizen of India, so you may wish to ignore the suggestions. Your appeal to ban the Pakistani artistes will appeal to many and many will be willing to go with you. If you try and enforce it the way you have done things in the past, by using sticks and lathis and knifes and swords it will not win you any admirers, you will end up losing those on sitting on the fence undecided.

If on the other hand you decide to take a more peaceful approach and appeal to the conscious of the people and ask them not to chip in to the success of films having Pakistani artistes it is likely that you will be more successful in implementing your ban and it will at least not push the fence sitters to the other side. It may actually bring some of your non-fans onto the fence if they do not outright jump into your side.

One needs to keep in mind, nobody likes bullies. It is only the bully’s cronies who will pander to their egos and that because they want something out of the bully and not out of any respect.

It is upto you to ultimately decide how you wish to proceed.

A peace loving citizen who would like to agree with you on this ban.