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This is the latest report which states that the US Ambassador to India is disappointed that India has chosen to go with European fighter jets rather than US one. How funny it is when somebody reads this as “Fight, but fight with weapons supplied by me and not by somebody else. I need the money more than the other person”.
And the same American government will either give the same arms or maybe even better ones to the country with whom India has been forced to fight three and a half wars in the last 50 years or will give them billions of dollars based on which it can buy arms for either the US or from the other big “friend” of India, China.
Instead of promoting peace, now don’t tell me these are just deterrent weapons, countries like the US are promoting wars so that they can profit at the cost of such countries. We Indians are also stupid enough to go ahead and encourage such countries to sell their weapons. It at all we should be self sufficient in our arms. We should not go to somebody else and pay them a premium to buy this weapons.