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WatchmanWatchman by Ian Rankin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Another of Ian Rankin classic. Not Rebus this time. The book is based on the exploits of an unheroic hero, Miles Flint, who works in the Secret Service. Miles has been a passive observer for most of his life. Now faced with a crumbling marriage he spends as much time as possible watching. In the process he bungles when watching an Arab and this leads to the killing of an Israeli middleman by the Arab. The books is based around the time IRA was active in England and had launched several bomb attacks in the main continent.

Everybody seems to be covering up the business. Miles’ finds his closest colleague, with whom he has been having lunches, leaving his home and when he enters it he finds his wife alone. He encounters his friend with the evidence and his friends admits to spending time with his wife, but claims that it is purely platonic.

Miles leaves home and joins another team that is on a watch. The team is pulled out at the last minute and only Miles is left in the house used to spy on the suspect. His curiosity lands him in the police station and his friend who has been talking to his wife is sent to bail him out.

Now his manager decides to send him on what seems to be a trivial mission to Ireland. On the eve of his departure his friend calls up to warn him about trouble awaiting him in Ireland in a very vague fashion and Miles is not able to make anything about it.

Once in Ireland things do not go as expected and Miles ends up a fugitive along with an IRA member. How the experience in Ireland changes Miles and how he comes back and takes charge forms the last portion of the book. Read it and enjoy it.

The author also provides a good, albeit shallow, analysis of the problems between Ireland and England.

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