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Byculla to BangkokByculla to Bangkok by Hussain Zaidi

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Another good book by Hussain Zaidi.

This book covers three main gangs and one gang partially. It covers the D company partially since many of the other gangs overlap with this one. The first one is the BRA gang of Arun Gawli, Rama Naik from the Dagdi Chawl, and Babu Reshim. The second is the gang of brothers involving Amar Naik and Ashwin Naik from Byculla. The third is the Chotta Rajan Gang from Tilak Nagar area.

There are mention of other gangs, but they are not as elaborate as these three or even as elaborate as the D Company.

After reading the book it saddens the heart to see so much violence and so much corruption in our country which is supposed to be one of the peaceful ones. One shudders how a violent country would be if this is the state of affairs.

It will be great to see a book of his in chronological order combining all his books about the Mumbai Mafia.

A good read for the fans of Hussain Zaidi and for those who wish to understand the Mumbai Mafia.

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