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The movie links the life of three different people. One a student who gives up his scholarship to stay back and try to improve politics in India, another a gangster who helps politicians gather crowd and settles disputes by the power of his hand and the third a flirt who has just finished college and finds himself in love.

The film starts with a the flirty student taking a ride on the bike of student who is trying to make politics cleaner and then seeing the gangster shoot him at point blank.

The first of the flashback shows how the gangster comes about to shoot the student, how the student who wishes to clean the politics gets into a situation where the gangster wants to shoot him and why the student in loves happens to hitch a hike with him.

After the three flashbacks the film continues to a point where the gangster is finally back in jail, the student activist is elected to the assembly along with the flirty student who also finds his love.

Not worth a watch. The same movie was filmed as Yuva in Hindi.