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Based on the same island as the original Jurassic Park is a new theme park of new set of dinosaurs. The park has been engaged in breeding new sets of exotic dinosaurs by mixing and matching DNA of different animals. The latest addition is idominus Rex which is basically a T-Rex and a concoction of DNA of others like the cuttlefish. The park plans to open this attraction to the general audience.

Two brothers are sent to the park to be with their aunt, Claire, who is managing the park. The aunt sends them off with her assistant as she is busy in discussions with the corporates to further the monies of the park.

There is an army personnel hanging around. He witnesses the Velociraptors responding to a naval officer and he wants to take the dinosaurs to the army to fight the enemy as he believes they can be made to obey commands. The Naval officer advises him against it.

The naval officer who has been training the Velociraptors is asked to check the enclosure of the new Indominus-Rex. When he and Claire reach the place they find that the Dinosaur is untraceable through the heat sensor and there are paw marks on the walls. A few men including the naval officer enter the enclosure to investigate. They try to locate it using the sensor that is embedded in it and they find it in the enclosure. It has used the cuttlefish’s ability to camouflage itself. It attacks them and devours a couple and runs out of the enclosure. The naval office of course is spared.

Then begins the hunt for it in the park. In the process it wrecks havoc by killing all the other dinosaurs it finds in its way. The two boys stray into unknown territory, but as expected are saved by the skin of their teeth from the jaws of the Indonimus Rex.

Initially they try to sedate it and attack it with non-lethal weapons and after losing numerous people they decide to use lethal weapons.

The Indominus Rex breaks the enclosure of the Pterosaur and releases them. They start attacking the visitors to the park. The park rangers start shooting at the Pterasaurs and kill them one by one. Some of them are eaten by the dinosaur in the water.

The army man meanwhile takes a call to release the Velociraptors and to make them take on the Indominus Rex. The naval officer after initial hesitancy lets the velociraptors loose on the trail of the Indominus Rex. But after tracking it dow instead of attacking it, they seem to get friendly and start attacking the park rangers.

The movie climaxes with Claire taking a call to release the T-Rex and pitting it against the Indominus Rex. In the end the Indominus Rex is gobbled up by the sea dinosaur.

An OK movie, not a very great one.

As a beside, saw this in the 4DX theater at Viviana Mall Thane. The experience was not really great to say the least. Do not expect a great thrill. The movements did not match the action in the movie.

Note that this may be a biased view as I have been through too many 4Ds and may have high expectations.

Arshad Warsi is an advocate in Meerut, meeting with little or no success in the cases that he takes up. He decides to move to Delhi to try his luck in the big league.

He does not able meet with much success. Soon he finds a case of a hit and run by a rich man’s (a la Salman Khan) son being fought for by his idol Boman Irani. He ends up filing a PIL for the case after the kid is acquitted. Boman Irani is irked and wows to send Arshad packing. And it appears that that would happen.

Soon Arshad finds an eye witness who is ready to testify in court. Boman buys the eyewitness for a price and the eye witness offers Arshad a payment offer from Boman. Arshad decides to take the payment and close the case. But his fiancee gives him a guilty conscience and he continues to pursue the case much to the irritation of Boman and his client.

The case starts swaying in Arshad’s side. He gets beaten up the goons, but they fail to discourage him. Unlike the Salman Khan hit and run the case is taken up within a year and the victims find Arshad to fight it out for them and win the case for them.

Surprisingly there seems to have been no attempts to ban it considering the similarity between the hit and run in the movie and Salman Khan hit and run case. A decent watch.

An underwater shark Godfather with a kind, yes kind, son and another a ruthless one. The kind one even saves the worms tha are used as bait by the fishermen.

The father asks the ruthless son to drill some ruthlessness into the kind one. In the process an anchor falls on the ruthless one and kills him.
A fish from the happens to be present there. The Godfather and his cronies are under the impression that the kind son was responsible for the death of the other one and are trying to find him. The fish from the town in the meantime takes credit of killing the shark and basks in the glory of the public admiration. The kind one is hiding with this fish. As the news of the shark killer spreads the Godfather and his cronies are trying to catch the killer.
The fish and the kind shark hatch a plot and they stage a drama at the underwater Times Square where the fish pretends to drive off the kind shark. The Godfather calls for negotiation. The kind shark disguises himself as a dolphin and for the negotiation. After the negotiation the disguise of the shark is unmasked. The fish convinces the Godfather to accept the kind shark as he is and he goes back to his girlfriend.
A decent watch. Not as powerful as the other Pixar movies.
The film is based on a fictional village in Tamil Nadu, called Mundaspatti, where the village folk are scared of the camera. Just before the Independence a British sociologist visits the village as he has been told that the villagers are very superstitious. The photographs them for this research. Soon there is an epidemic and the villagers, coincidentally most of the ones who have been photographed, fall prey to this disease. A meteor strikes the village. This coincides with the epidemic ending. The villagers start worshipping the meteorite as they start believing that it cured them of the disease. At the same time they run scared of the camera as they feel that was the cause of the death of the people. They start driving away anybody who comes with a camera.
In the present day a struggling photographer is being pestered by a wannabe movie star to create his portfolio. The photographer and his assistant send him off asking him to come to them when he as enough money. They are asked to take the group photo of students who are passing out from a school. The photographer is smitten by a girl who does not wish to be photographed and stays away from the session.
Later when he goes to give the copies of the group photographs he finds that the girl has gone back to her village and is to get married soon. By providence the headman of the village is going die and the villagers call him to to take a photograph of their dead headman. The photographer and his assistant go to the village to find that the girl with whom the photographer is smitten is none other than the girl who refused to be photographed and that the village is Mundaspatti. They also find that the marriage of the girl in question has been postponed due to some issues with the village deity. The headman has not died and so they are asked to wait for him to pass away. Given this opportunity, the photographer tries to woo the granddaughter.
In the meantime there is a group of people trying to steal the meteorite for a bunch of scientists. Finally when the headman dies the photographer takes the photograph of the dead headman and promises to deliver the framed photograph. When the develop, they find to their dismay that the photo has been washed out. Now they are faced with the dilemma of satisfying the villagers request for the framed photograph. The wannabe movie star comes back to them with money for the portfolio. They find him having an uncanny resemblance to the dead village headman and con him in dress up like a dead man and take his photograph and this they give to the villagers.
As the villagers are paying respect to their leader, the wannabe movie star comes. He turns out to be the nephew of the headman and he spills the beans of the photographer. The movie then meanders between the photographer and his assistant being made to work for the village for lying to the villagers and the photographer taking advantage of this situation to woo the girl further; the attempts of the scientists to steal the meteorite; and the girl’s betrothed trying to prevent the photographer from wooing the girl.
The movie ends with a happy ending like any other typical Tollywood or Bollywood movie. Not a great movie, nor a very bad movie. OK to watch once.
Another film about unscrupulous lawyers. The father is a judge and he has three sons. The first was a baseball player whose career came to a halt because of an accident involving the second son. The second son was driven out of the house because of this incident and goes on to become a lawyer. The third is a slightly retarded boy who is the butt of jokes of others.

The second son comes home for the death of his mother. The Judge greets all the people who have come to pay condolences by embracing them, but only shake hands with his second son.
Before the mourners can depart the judge is accused of murdering a ex-convict. He had first acquited the convict and the convict goes on to murder an innocent girl. This time he convicts him. The Judge seems to be carrying the guilt of having acquited him the first time.
The lawyer son jumps in and tries to fight the case. But the judge refuses his help and hires another lawyer who struggles to defend him. Finally the Judge relents and accepts the son as his lawyer. The son punches holes in the evidences and almost gets an acquittal. He also realizes that the Judge is on the verge of death due to cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. The Judge while claiming to have no idea if he actually rammed into the convict says that he believes that he has done so. The Judge is pronounced guilty.
A nice movie about the complex relationship between the father and the son. Watch it if you have a free evening.
This is a biographical movie about Stephen Hawkings. The movie starts with Hawkings entering Oxford for his doctorate.
The doctorate students are given a set of problems to solve. Everybody fails to write something sensisble. Hawkins submits his solutions saying that he is sorry that he was able to solve only nine of the lot.
He is a little lost on what he wishes to publish his thesis on. He then thinks through and decides to write a thesis on the beginning of the universe . And he goes on to postulate the thesis. In the meantime he falls in love with a girl who is no way connected with Physics. But both get along very well and soon marry.
Before the thesis can end Hawkins starts showing signs of motor disorder. The doctors gives him only a few months to a few years to live. His wife stands by him, taking care of his and the children’s need.
His situation deteriorates and reaches a stage where he is unable to do anything on his own. He is gifted a chair which he can operate with the minimum movements of his limbs and he tries to keep himself mobile using it. He is also given a device which allows him to speak to others.
His wife becomes lonely and goes to the church. She falls in love with the music conductor at the choir and Stephan falls in love with his nurse. Both decide to part company and settle their divorce amicably.
The movie does not offer much for the science buffs. It is more a biography of Hawking’s life. Go see it if you like well made biographies.
With actors like Naseruddin Shah, Pankaj Kapur, and Dimple Kapadia one expects a certain substance in the movie, or at least one expects that one can enjoy the characters played by these actors.

Finding Fanny is about Naseruddin Shah a retired post master. He finds a letter one day which he had written to his flame “Fanny” and he realizes that the postman has never delivered the letter to her. He had been brooding over not having been able to marry now. Now after all these years he sets out in search of her with the help of Deepika Padukone, Pankaj Kapur, Arjun Kapoor, and Dimple Kapadia. Dimple Kapadia is the lady of the town whose husband has disappeared. Deepika Padukone is the virgin-widow daughter-in-law of Dimple Kapadia. Pankaj Kapur is an artist who has come to the town and is trying to woo Dimple Kapadia to pose for him to paint. Arjun Kapoor is the ex-flame of Deepika who has come back from the city.

Arjun Kapoor drives this motley crowd in search of Fanny. They find that Fanny has moved out of her old house to another town. They now go in search of Fanny to this town.

The rest of the movie is not worth reviewing. It is just a motley of events, supposedly funny, but only remotely so. Finally Naseruddin finds his Fanny, but she is dead.

One wonders why Naseruddin, Dimple Kapadia and Pankaj Kapur accepted to work in the film. Nothing but trash.