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Lawful Deception (Vernetta Henderson Series Book 5)Lawful Deception by Pamela Samuels Young
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The book is about a manipulative lady who hooks up with high profile, rich, married men, has an affair with them, gets herself impregnated hook or crook and then lives of the child support that she gets from them. She has only one close friend.

The book starts with a high profile music company owner getting charged by this woman of having borne her child. The music company owner has taken to a yoga partner of this said lady and the lady is out to finger both of them.

Vernetta is an old flame of the music director and he comes to her asking her to take up this case. She reluctantly takes it up. The lady in question engages a lawyer of ill repute, somebody who will go to any length to win the case. This lawyer has outwitted Vernetta in the past. Initially Vernetta’s client is confident that the child cannot be his, but this proved wrong by the DNA test. Vernetta is almost on the verge of losing the case after losing one appeal. The story takes a turn at this point and everything turns topsy turvy and ends in favour of Vernetta’s client.

Quite a good book. Read and enjoy.

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