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An underwater shark Godfather with a kind, yes kind, son and another a ruthless one. The kind one even saves the worms tha are used as bait by the fishermen.

The father asks the ruthless son to drill some ruthlessness into the kind one. In the process an anchor falls on the ruthless one and kills him.
A fish from the happens to be present there. The Godfather and his cronies are under the impression that the kind son was responsible for the death of the other one and are trying to find him. The fish from the town in the meantime takes credit of killing the shark and basks in the glory of the public admiration. The kind one is hiding with this fish. As the news of the shark killer spreads the Godfather and his cronies are trying to catch the killer.
The fish and the kind shark hatch a plot and they stage a drama at the underwater Times Square where the fish pretends to drive off the kind shark. The Godfather calls for negotiation. The kind shark disguises himself as a dolphin and for the negotiation. After the negotiation the disguise of the shark is unmasked. The fish convinces the Godfather to accept the kind shark as he is and he goes back to his girlfriend.
A decent watch. Not as powerful as the other Pixar movies.