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The LitigatorsThe Litigators by John Grisham
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Another typical John Grisham novel. If you read this book without much gap between two John Grisham books you will not find any novelty. Since I am reading a John Grisham book after such a long time, it turned out to be an OK book.

A lawyer, David, from a large legal consultancy organization decides to give up everything, skips office, gets drunk and ends up at Finley and Figgs a small time lawyer firm which manages to stay afloat by taking on divorces and injuries. Figg dreams of breaking it big and jumps the band wagon when finds a mass tort litigation against a big pharmaceutical. He solicits their old clients and sue the company.

The large lawyer firms promise the stars but drop them like hot potatoes when they find that the do not have much of a case. It is left to the Finley, Figg and David to fight it out. Finley has a heart-attack on the first day of the case, Figg runs away and has a drinking binge and it is left to David to fight losing battle.

He is also collecting data on lead poisoning through toys with lead paint on them.

The end is predictable. Read only if you are a hardcore John Grisham fan or haven’t read his book for some time.

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