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The CEDT Building circa 1990 albeit tilted in the photo.
In the E-Block Hostel Room

Rajesh Deodhar, Sanjay Patil, Sundarraj Kaushik, Praveen Shekokar, Sandeep Bhagwat

On the steps of CEDT Building

1st Row Praveen, Satya, Sandeep
2nd Row Rajesh Deodhar, Vaibhav (Honey on his lap), Sanjay Patil, Bangaruswamy
3rd Row Ramakrishnan, T.E. Bhashyam, Narendra Gathoo, Sundarraj Kaushik
4th Row Kalyan, Ganesh, Hebbar

In B-Mess

Sanjay Patil, Rajesh Deodhar, Praveen Shekokar, Narendra Ghatoo

After the Potluck in 1989

Standing: Bhushan Kanekar, Ganesh, Kamraj, Subramanian(Front), K. Roy(Back) N.S. Ghai, Sandeep Bhagwat, Sanjay Patil, Vaibhav Sakorikar, Ghatoo, Sudhir Rao, Bashyam,
Sitting: Hebbar, Praveen, Sundarraj Kaushik (crouching) Kalyan (With the stick)

Here is some good news for everybody who wants to study. The prestigious Indian Institute of Science at Banaglore was so far known only for its post graduate programs. They are not starting to offer Under Graduate Programs too. Please visit the site for more details.

Not may know that the Indian Institute of Science was started by JRD Tata. He was solely responsible for setting it up and funding it for a long time. In the city of Bangalore City, many even today know the Institute as Tata Institute and not as Indian Institute of Science.

The Institute celebrates Tata day every year.

A lot may famous Indians including Sir C. V. Raman have studied and later taught in this Institute.

Here are two posters for the same.