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After that we walked down to the “El Parque Seminario o Parque de las Iguanas” i.e. the Seminar Park or the Park of the Iguanas. This is a park that anybody who has not seen too many iguanas should definitely go to. There are too many Iguanas in the park. The first impression when we walked through the entrance was “Where are the Iguanas?” We couldn’t spot any. And then somebody spotted a small green iguana. It was only a glimpse of what was to come.
The Small Green Iguana that we first sighted.
Soon as we moved on we spotted one big iguana moving along the ground and that was our first sighting. As we progressed further, we came below a tree and we looked up the tree to find that iguanas of all sizes were crawling all over the tree. They were busy eating the leaves in the tree. Below the tree was the feeding place for them. Some lettuce/cabbage leaves were put there as the lunch for the Iguana and they were eating those leaves. Iguanas appear to be a very non-aggressive animal. They seem to be oblivious to the humans around and oblivious to one stepping over the other.  A few courageous amongst us ventured to pick up the tail of the iguana.
A typical look given by Iguanas

One of the many Iguanas on the tree

Another one on the tree.

Iguanas in their lunch room.

Seeming ferocious

A Dreamy Iguana
At one corner of the park is a small pond and this pond has some fishes and turtles in them. Do not miss them although they are not the main attraction.
Turtles and fishes in the pond

A Turtle peeking out of the water

Turtles basking in the sun

A turtle giving a hard stare
At the center of the park is the statue of Simon Bolivar.