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377377 by Manish Jani
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A book related from the heart of the author and an absolute requirement in current times. The book is about article 377 of the Indian Penal Code which criminalizes any sexual which is “unnatural”. The law was enacted in 1860 by the British and it continues to be a part of the IPC.

The book talks about two lady doctors who meet each other, thanks to their live-in partners. They start liking each other from the first time they meet. One is the daughter of a big industrialist from Mumbai and other a precocious daughter of parents from rural north India. Both are independent and both are on cusp of establishing a career for themselves.

They Mumbai girl, Aneri happens to go to Mumbai to take a selfie with her father for the #withmydaughter campaign. On the spur of the moment she asks the other doctor, Anushka to accompany her. And Anuskha agrees as she has never been to Mumbai or a seaside in her life. Both of them end up at a guest house of the friend of Aneri’s mother in Madh Island. They find themselves in each other’s arms and find that they enjoy having a sexual intercourse with each other. It stuns them both and they initially find it difficult to accept. They give themselves a one week cooling period to see if it was a one time urge, but then end up in bed in the next weekend.

Now both of them end up feeling guilty of having cheated on their live-in partners. They decide to break the news to them. The men do not take it well. But soon they overcome and decide to support their ex-live in partner. As a next step they first decide to meet Anushka’s parents. Only Anushka’s father refuses to accept it and they get to know the reason for him not accepting him from his mother. Aneri confronts him with the childhood story which has traumatized him and he gives his consent.

Aneri’s parents are more reconciled to the fact and give their go ahead without much ado. Now that the near and dear ones had been tackled both the ladies with the help of their live-in-partners start to take on the mighty law. They setup an online petition requesting the Prime Minister to start discussions on amending the IPC 377. They are thwarted by Anuskha’s jealous partner in business, but they manage to overcome the obstacles and the book ends with the PM of India acknowledging their efforts and sets up a committee to decide on how the IPC can be amended and made more amicable to the LGBT community.

A decent read.

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