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Arshad Warsi is an advocate in Meerut, meeting with little or no success in the cases that he takes up. He decides to move to Delhi to try his luck in the big league.

He does not able meet with much success. Soon he finds a case of a hit and run by a rich man’s (a la Salman Khan) son being fought for by his idol Boman Irani. He ends up filing a PIL for the case after the kid is acquitted. Boman Irani is irked and wows to send Arshad packing. And it appears that that would happen.

Soon Arshad finds an eye witness who is ready to testify in court. Boman buys the eyewitness for a price and the eye witness offers Arshad a payment offer from Boman. Arshad decides to take the payment and close the case. But his fiancee gives him a guilty conscience and he continues to pursue the case much to the irritation of Boman and his client.

The case starts swaying in Arshad’s side. He gets beaten up the goons, but they fail to discourage him. Unlike the Salman Khan hit and run the case is taken up within a year and the victims find Arshad to fight it out for them and win the case for them.

Surprisingly there seems to have been no attempts to ban it considering the similarity between the hit and run in the movie and Salman Khan hit and run case. A decent watch.