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A nice post on Apple and its patents

How very true, patents are being used for very wrong purposes.

High time the patent office sit up and take notice at the mess it has been created in the name of safeguarding inventions and protecting creators from fraudsters.

While one cannot do away with patents one needs to come down with a heavy hand on patent trolls and companies like Apple which are using patents to malign others and cut down businesses of others.

The Patent Office needs to take cognizance of its mistakes, acknowledge it and clean up its act and become wary of granting patents at the whims and fancy of the companies or being overawed by the person claiming the patent (this is possibly what happened with Steve Jobs and Apple).

Another good read, a year old but still very relevant

Steve JobsSteve Jobs by Walter Isaacson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A fantastic book that almost everybody should read. Gives a very good insight into the life of Steve Jobs and how he has gone about the legendary status that he has enjoys today.
In places it is a touching story of an abandoned child growing up knowing that he has been abandoned. But one cannot say that he did not have his share of love from the parents who adopted him.
In places it reeks of sadism (not physical) which possibly can be diagnosed as a psychological result of being abandoned or possibly his inheritance from his father who abandoned both his children from his first wife, without much remorse.
What stands out is his ability to envision products and services that will attract users, his ability to negotiate with his employees and vendors.
The book traces the entire life of Steve Jobs without any any sugar coating. It is surprising that Steve did not interfere with the writing of this book as his wont with everything else in his life. The author also has made no attempt to analyze the character of Steve Jobs anywhere in the book and at ends the book with words from the horse’s mouth as to his key thoughts and philosophies which includes some justification for the way he has behaved the way he has.
Whether one will become an Apple fan or become a critic of Apple depends on the point of view of the reader. The book contains fact and the interpretation is left to the reader.

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The earlier post indicated how nasty Steve Jobs had been to his coworkers.
If one were humane then one would shun one’s profit or trim one’s profit and carry out manufacturing elsewhere and not in China. China is a country that is known for is Human Rights violation. Apple not only carries out its manufacturing in China but according to reports it is one of the companies that is least responsive to the problems faced by the workers in the factories that supply it with itis components.
Given this one should boycott Apple products and ensure that it is forced to shift its manufacturing units elsewhere. I guess no many shareholders are complaining as most of them do not have anything to do with the plight of the workers in the plants building components for the successful Apple products. But unless we act humanely today and take note of what is happening elsewhere and limit our luxury items, somebody would do the same to us tomorrow. As Christ said “Do unto others as you wish others to do unto you”.
Yes I own an iPod, but I have no plans to buy any further.