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Nine by NineNine by Nine by Daman Singh
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The chicklit book is about a set of girls in a girl’s hostel. Three of the girls are the key players. Each different in her own way with similarities which bring them together.
One of the girls has a cousin brother, who studies in another college. This boy helps them out whenever they wish to have a bottle of rum or some other such needs which they themselves could not do.
One girl is fragile (suffers from bouts of asthma), happy go lucky and resigned to the fact that she should get married to whomever her parents find suitable for her. The second is in love with her childhood friend but is not yet fully ready to commit. The third one is pursuing her doctorate and has not yet found anybody to hook up to.
They share their rooms, their weekends and exchange details of their life with each other.
The book is about how their lives takes turns at different points and how they influence each other.
Not a great read.

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