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After a night’s rest at Vrindavan we decided to try out luck to see if we could get a chance to enter one of the hot springs. But it was not to be as, it was Easter Sunday there were many devotees who were more keen than us to get into the springs. So we gave that up and went back to Vrindavan.

On the way back we stopped at one of the waterfalls along the route of waterfalls. This waterfalls had a cable car that took people across the valley and adventurous ones could also canopy back across the valley. So we took the cable car and about seven of us decided to canopy back.

The waterfalls.

The cable car ride

The panorama around the waterfalls.

After that we returned back to Vrindavan. Here some of us decided to take a bath in the waterfalls that was nearby and two of trekked with the ISCKONites along the hills beyond the waterfalls. It was quite some hike. It started raining and so we could not capture any photographs of the trail that we took. To say that least some parts were quite treacherous. But it was fun nevertheless. We came down the hill and went to the river that flows behind Vrindavan. Here we had our bath in practically freezing cold water. It was a pleasant experience.
Got to see a spider in its web at the entrance of Vrindavan and saw a stick insect crawling its way under the idol of Lord Shiva.

The spider that posed for me

The willing spider

One of the croton that were abundant in the area

The waterfalls where some people had their bath

The Stick Insect

One way back to Quito, after a late lunch, we had another glimpse of fuming Tungurahua.

The Tungurahua

A week after our visit Tungurahua was in full flow and was gurgling and regurgitating boulders from its mouth and it spewed ash clouds to a height of 10 KM.