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Cuicocha is a lake in a Crater. This place is situated to the North of Quito and is about two hours drive from Quito near the city of Cotacachi which is known for its leather products.

We left as usual early in the morning for this place. On the way there are two well known cities, Otavalo and Cotacachi. Otavalo is known for the products of different types of the local artisans and Cotacachi as mentioned above is known for its leather products.

We were more interested in the lake rather than in the shopping that the places had to offer, but time will tell that we did shop.

The first stop was at Lago de Sao Paulo. This is a picturesque location a few Kilometers away from Quito. Some of the vistas that this place offers is as below:

This locale is just outside Quito.

Water drop on a leaf

Another view of the drop of water on a leaf

View of Lago de Sao Paulo

One the large flowers found. About a foot long.