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The movie is based on Pygmalion with a twist. The twist is that the boorish girl turns into a Queen and asserts herself without a man to help her.

Rani is waiting to get married to her beau who chased her all through streets of Rajouri and Delhi during their college days. Vijay her beau has been to UK and is now a changed person. He tells Rani that he longer wishes to marry her as he feels that he will find it difficult to take her as she is still boorish.
Rani is heartbroken. Nevertheless she decides to go on a Honeymoon on her own to Paris and Amsterdam. She starts off as a person who is not even confident of crossing the street. She is haunted time and again by the various romantic moments she shared with Vijay.
Soon she meets Vijayalakshmi a happy go lucky woman with partial Indian heritage in Paris who takes her under her wing. Vijaylakshmi takes buys her modern clothes and she mistakenly sends her selfie to Vijay. Vijay is smitten with the new Rani and comes to Paris in search of her. He tries reaching her but she refuses to pick up her call. With her help she survives Paris and goes to Amstersdam.
In Amsterdam Vijay(Lakshmi) has puts her up in a hostel where she is expected to share her room with three males. The first is a Japanese who has lost his parents in a Tsunami, a East European called Olexander who is paints to curb his anger an a big black man, a French, who sings to make money.
After initially refusing to share her room with them (they oblige her by sleeping in the corridor) she gets friendly with her. She also meets an Italian who tries to feed her an Italian dish. She tries to spice up the bland dish with pepper which disgruntles the Italian and he drives her out of the restaurant.
She meets him again and he offers her a chance to prove Indian cooking in a food festival. The gol gappas that she prepares become a big hit with the foodies who come to the food festival. Vijay comes chasing her to Amsterdam too.
Finally she returns home and walks into Vijay’s home to hand him the engagement ring and goes back to her place.
A nice movie with nice acting by Kangana Ranaut.