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The film is based on a fictional village in Tamil Nadu, called Mundaspatti, where the village folk are scared of the camera. Just before the Independence a British sociologist visits the village as he has been told that the villagers are very superstitious. The photographs them for this research. Soon there is an epidemic and the villagers, coincidentally most of the ones who have been photographed, fall prey to this disease. A meteor strikes the village. This coincides with the epidemic ending. The villagers start worshipping the meteorite as they start believing that it cured them of the disease. At the same time they run scared of the camera as they feel that was the cause of the death of the people. They start driving away anybody who comes with a camera.
In the present day a struggling photographer is being pestered by a wannabe movie star to create his portfolio. The photographer and his assistant send him off asking him to come to them when he as enough money. They are asked to take the group photo of students who are passing out from a school. The photographer is smitten by a girl who does not wish to be photographed and stays away from the session.
Later when he goes to give the copies of the group photographs he finds that the girl has gone back to her village and is to get married soon. By providence the headman of the village is going die and the villagers call him to to take a photograph of their dead headman. The photographer and his assistant go to the village to find that the girl with whom the photographer is smitten is none other than the girl who refused to be photographed and that the village is Mundaspatti. They also find that the marriage of the girl in question has been postponed due to some issues with the village deity. The headman has not died and so they are asked to wait for him to pass away. Given this opportunity, the photographer tries to woo the granddaughter.
In the meantime there is a group of people trying to steal the meteorite for a bunch of scientists. Finally when the headman dies the photographer takes the photograph of the dead headman and promises to deliver the framed photograph. When the develop, they find to their dismay that the photo has been washed out. Now they are faced with the dilemma of satisfying the villagers request for the framed photograph. The wannabe movie star comes back to them with money for the portfolio. They find him having an uncanny resemblance to the dead village headman and con him in dress up like a dead man and take his photograph and this they give to the villagers.
As the villagers are paying respect to their leader, the wannabe movie star comes. He turns out to be the nephew of the headman and he spills the beans of the photographer. The movie then meanders between the photographer and his assistant being made to work for the village for lying to the villagers and the photographer taking advantage of this situation to woo the girl further; the attempts of the scientists to steal the meteorite; and the girl’s betrothed trying to prevent the photographer from wooing the girl.
The movie ends with a happy ending like any other typical Tollywood or Bollywood movie. Not a great movie, nor a very bad movie. OK to watch once.