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Tooth and Nail (Inspector Rebus, #3)Tooth and Nail by Ian Rankin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Inspector Rebus in London. A series of murders have been rocking London and the London police approach the Lothian and Borders for help. They specifically request for Rebus stating that he is an expert in serial murderers and would help them crack the case. His reputation precedes him and he kept under vigilance of one of the officers who also believes that what Rebus does makes sense.
Rebus elicits enough snickers amongst the London police not least for the way he speaks, which many do not even understand.
In his inimitable way he goes about rubbing everybody the wrong way, plays a truant and runs off to Glasgow leaving the London police fuming.
Finally using his intuition Rebus cracks the case and catches the murderer to the relief of one and all, except the murderer himself.
Another good read from Ian Rankin.

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Set in Darkness (Inspector Rebus, #11)Set in Darkness by Ian Rankin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Another of Ian Rankin’s inspector Rebus books. This involves the building of the new Scottish Parliament. The developers discover a body buried in the vaults of an erstwhile hospital which is expected to become a part of the parliament. Rebus who is part of the team that is expected to facilitate the developers maintain security at the building site is bored of the events initially, but this discovery stirs the curiosity in him and he starts investigation on this. He involves Ellen Wylie and Grand Hood in this investigation.
Soon there is a second murder in the premises of the same hospital where the earlier body was found. This person in question was one who was expected to become a Member of Scottish Parliament (MSP) soon. This high profile investigation is taken over by Rebus, much to the chagrin of Ellen Wylie. In this he has a partner in the form of another Inspector, a blue eyed boy in the force, a lot many years his junior to contend with.
The third is a suicide of a tramp who is found to have close to a half a million pound in saving. This suicide is handled by Siobhan Clarke.
Rebus in his own way ties up the three cases together and manages to rub the nose of his contender in the mud, much to the frustration of the high brass in the police.
Rebus comes close to being suspended before the mystery unfolds itself in the last few pages.
A good read for all the Ian Rankin, Inspector Rebus fans.

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A Good HangingA Good Hanging by Ian Rankin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A good set of short stories based on Inspector Rebus. In every story the sharp intellect of Rebus comes to the fore. Mysteries are solved in a jiffy and the culprits are put behind bar or ticked off or are left to languish in their guilt for life.
Another good read from Ian Rankin.

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The Naming of the Dead (Inspector Rebus, #16)The Naming of the Dead by Ian Rankin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Looks like one of the last Rebus books. Rebus is on the verge of retirement. The G8 is meeting in Edinburgh. The whole town is in turmoil. The entire police force is busy with managing the security setup for the G8 leaders.
Rebus and Siobhan are pursuing yet another murder. This time the murdered person is a bouncer who worked for big Ger Cafferty. Along the way they discover two additional murders committed along the same lines. They realize that they are now dealing with not one, but three murder cases. They are not about to give up following up on the case although others have closed it down and are busy with the VIP security.
With the usual nonchalance Rebus and Siobhan march on taking head on anybody who tries to bottle them up. Siobhan’s mother and father are there in Edinburgh for a demonstration against the policies of the G8 nations. Siobhan gets some time with them.
Siobhan is saved from the wrath and lust of a boy in the area where Siobhan’s parents are put up by the councilor of the area. Rebus does not have a good opinion about the councilor.
Siobhan’s mother gets smashed on the face, apparently by a police personnel deployed to control the demonstrators and Siobhan is unable to stop herself from trying to find out the person who did this.
Rebus takes help of Ellen Wylie, Siobhan’s rival in the force because he finds that she has posted certain material in a website where the three killed persons, all ex convicts and sexual predators, were mentioned. This riles Siobhan.
Rebus also gets in touch with Ger Cafferty as it is his bouncer who had been killed.
Just before the beginning of the G8 meet the minister for Trade Affairs falls off the ramparts of the Edinburgh fort and Rebus is stopped from investigating it too.
As the book progresses, like other Rebus books, the connections, some tenuous, some not so tenuous, between the various disconnected events emerge.
The book has an intriguing end and leaves the reader with a feeling there is more to come. As Rebus fans let us hope so.

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The Black Book (Inspector Rebus, #5)The Black Book by Ian Rankin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

One of the earlier Rebus books. Rebus is still establishing himself in the heart of the reader. He has rented out his flat to a bunch of college going kids and has moved in with Dr. Patience. His brother is in jail for drug abuse.
Bodies are being dumped off a cliff at regular intervals and another police man is coshed in the vicinity where the bodies are being dumped.
Rebus’s colleague Holmes being coshed behind a restaurant that he visits.
A man straggles in to a butcher’s (they are related) with his stomach being sliced open. The man refuses to cooperate with the police and refuses to file a police report.
Rebus’ brother comes back and piles into Rebus’ home along with the students.
Rebus is kicked out by Dr. Patience who has had enough of his lack of inattention to her.
Rebus starts looking into a five year old case in which a hotel was burnt down and a body of a person who was shot was found in it.
Rebus’ brother is taken in a van and is suspended from a bridge and he starts suffering from fear.

Rebus takes on all these seemingly disconnected incidents in his typical style, rubbing authorities the wrong way, and manages to bring the perpetrators of crime to book, including one Ger Caferty who runs roost in all the underground activities in Edinburgh. He also manages to send packing a child abuser who has been repatriated to Edinburgh from Canada where he had been incarcerated.

Another charmer from Ian Rankin for the Rebus fans.

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Mortal Causes (Inspector Rebus, #6)Mortal Causes by Ian Rankin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ian Rankin does not let down his fans. Another Rebus thriller. Rebus against the forces in Ulster trying to help the fight between the Oranges and Greens in Ireland, but supplying them with arms and ammunition.

He is helped by his usual helpers Siobhan and others. He is temporarily posted to Fettes where he encounters a burly policeman whose brother goes underground to investigate the arms smuggling. He ends up on the wrong side of this burly policeman and is almost crushed by him.

The Gar-B the impoverished section of Edinburgh plays a prominent role in this novel and Rebus visiting it more than once and once ends up being battered.

Of course in the end Rebus manages to track down the perpetrators, thanks to his obstinacy and unconventional methods.

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Dead Souls (Inspector Rebus, #10)Dead Souls by Ian Rankin
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Another page turner from the master of Scottish thrillers, more specifically Edinburgh thrillers. Book has four threads.

The first one is a missing person which Rebus tries to solve because of personal connects with the parents of the missing person. The mother has been an ex of Rebus during his high school days.

The second thread is about a pedophile who has been released after the period of his incarceration and has been settled among others in the society. Rebus tries to get him hounded out of Edinburgh by notifying the press about his presence and is almost successful.

The third thread is about a criminal whom the States has repatriated to Edinburgh as they are unable to pin most of the crimes against him. This person has a prior record in Edinburgh and nobody is happy about him coming back to Edinburgh, except for the press which wishes to take advantage of the situation and wishes to make a killing. Jim Stevens who has rubbed Rebus the wrong way around in other books is the one to latch on to an exclusive set of interview sessions with the criminal.

The fourth thread is the suicide of a colleague of Rebus.

Rankin manages to weave the four threads, through the common subject Rebus, and manages to keep the reader glued to the pages till the very end when after a series of twists and turns all the four threads converge and a fitting denouement.

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