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A few days back I had written the blog “The Power of Xenophobia“. Never did I expect to get such a proof in such a short time. Here we have Britain, on the verge of leaving the European Union thanks to the fear that the immigrants will take over the jobs of the populace of Britain. Here are some reasoning of why Britain is leaving.

Even if by some miracle Briton does not exit, the percentage of voters, voting to stay out shows that Xenophobia rules the world.

The endorsement of Donald Trump as the Presidential candidate for the Republican Party, show how relevant and how powerful Xenophobia is in any country.

In India is Xenophobia between states that is exploited by the leaders, Xenophobia of Bangladeshis in Assam and the North East. In Maharashtra Bal Thackeray rose to prominence on the Xenophobia he created by speaking about the “Marathi Manoos” and “Madrasis”. Today his son Uddhav and his nephew Raj create a fear of Xenophobia referring to the Bhaiyyas from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.
Every year during the Karnataka Rajyostava people fear to speak any language other than Kannada, especially Tamil, even in a cosmopolitan city like Bangalore.The disparaging way in which almost every North Indian speaks about “Madrasis” is for everybody to see. Every state has reasons to be Xenophobic.

In the West European countries it is the influx of the refugees from the Arab nations.

In the Arab nations the import of cheap labourers from countries like India and Pakistan.

In the United States it is the influx of cheap labour from Mexico and other Latin American countries and influx of “Software Programmers” from countries like India. For some strange reason they do not seem to mind the loads of Chinese who are migrating to their country and are slowing taking over lots of businesses. This may be because the Chinese are more white than the Indians and the Latin Americans.

Xenophobia is deep rooted within every human being and this has been and is being exploited by some leader through the ages. It will continue until humans really know what humanity is.