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Black IceBlack Ice by Mahmudul Haque
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Originally Kala Borof in Bengali by Mahmudul Haque. It is a part autobiographical novel by the author. The author had gone to Bangladesh, or what was then Pakistan, from West Bengal. He was forced to do so due to the violation that ensued the partition although he was reluctant. He later made the same trip backwards, back to India. These trips figure prominently in the book.

For a change this is a view of the partition from the East albeit a very distant view. The chapters alternate between the present and the past when the protagonist was a child. The life in West Bengal just before the partition is described well and one can understand the pain of partition without the pathos associated with it.

A decent read.

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SleepwalkersSleepwalkers by Jogindar Pal
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book gives details of the how the Muslims of Lucknow who migrated to Karachi replicated a Lucknow there and lived a life of illusion. The book revolves around one family where the patriarch lives believing that he is still in Lucknow. He continues to try and locate the places he used to visit when he was in Lucknow. His wife lets him be that way as she is afraid that if he is cured of his illusion he will really lose his sanity. This way the rest of his life is happening without any incident.
The book highlights how these immigrants were disliked by the locals, both the Sindhis and the Punjabis and how there were clashes, involving bombs too, between the two groups.
The book gives a brief insight of how in politically triggered migrations the families suffer.

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