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AarushiAarushi by Avirook Sen
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Through the book the author stresses on his belief that the Talwars are innocent and they have been framed by the CBI so that they can save their face.

To his credit the author has done sufficient research, but not all details are available in the book for anybody reading the book make their own conclusion.

The key accused by the author are AGL Kaul and Dahiya a forensic ‘expert’ from Gujarat. AGL Kaul wanted the case closed and easiest way he found was that the house was inhabited on that day (apparently) only by the Talwars, Hemraj and Aarushi and the house was locked from inside as per the maid who came in the next day morning and the onus rested on the Talwars to come up with a different solution. He was ably assisted by Dahiya who what he wanted to see in the photographs and reports given to him almost two years after the incident. Dahiya seems to be infamously linked to the Godra train burning where he suggested that the mob broke into the carriage through the adjoining compartments and poured petrol through these compartments and set the carriage alight. While the ground reality seems that survivor stated mobs coming in from the adjoining compartments.

The key seems to be that the police and later the CBI failed to gather crucial clues with regards to the incident and botched up the whole process. They did not pursue the angle of the other servants suspected to have been in the house on that day. No proper fingerprinting seems to have been carried out. A whole crowd was allowed to gather in the Talwar’s house even after the police took over.

The mystery will remain unsolved and the Talwar’s will remain under a shadow of suspicion. They will find it difficult to establish themselves in the society even if they are released early. They will be able to interact only with their near and dear ones and will have to keep away from the rest of the society.

One wonders when will we become competent enough to mete out real justice and mete it out quickly.

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