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Another wonderful book from Hussain Zaidi. The book has been written as story being narrated by Rahul Bhatt, son of Mahesh Bhatt and as narrated by Headley himself to his interrogators from the Intelligence Bureau of India.

David Coleman Headley or Daood Gilani carried out multiple recces of Mumbai and other cities and passed on the information he gathered to Lashkar-e-Toiba which helped them engineer the 26/11 attacks with just a 10 rookies. It brought the city of Mumbai to practically a standstill for a few days. It taxed the famed Anti-Terrorist Squads, Rapid Action Force and National Security Guards of India and took the lives of more than 250 people.

The book gives the background of Headley and why he came to hate India. It also describes how he was groomed and trained by LeT for the job. It also speaks about the nexus between LeT, ISI and Al Queda.

It also raises a few questions on why the US is unwilling to extradite Headley to India for questioning. Apparently one of the reason seems to be the fact that Headley has helped the DEA in the past to ferret out the drug dealers with whom he used to cohort and then cooperate with the authorities to get away with a light sentence. He has adopted the same stance after his arrest before he was to bomb the Jylands Posten office in Denmark for publishing he cartoon of Prophet Mohemad (Peace be unto him).

The other story of Rahul Bhatt is about this strained relationship with his father, Mahesh Bhatt, and how he came to look upon Headley as a father figure and how he was ditched by both of them.

What is surprising is that the US still turns a blind eye to activities in Pakistan despite the proven fact of nexus between the ISI, Pakistan Army, LeT and Al Queda.

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