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The film starts with the assembly of 12 members of the jury to take a decision of guilty or not guilty. Each one is in a hurry to take the decision and finish the meeting. When they start the initial voting they find that 11 of them are ready to indict the accused while the twelfth one says that he is not convinced that the accused is guilty. He says that he is not convinced.

Slowly as the day proceeds the members of the jury start doubting their decision one by one. The twelfth person takes one evidence after another and plants seeds of doubt in the jury one by one. In the end only Pankaj Kapoor is left unconvinced. He is not convinced because he has been abandoned by this son and is of the opinion that all the youngsters are of the same kind with no mercy for anybody.

In the end everybody is convinced and they pronounce the accused not-guilty. Watch the movie for the discussions. The whole movie takes place within a single room with emotions running high. Accusations of the rich about the poor being untrustworthy being the biggest of them.

A very well thought out movie and very well enacted. All the characters have performed well. A movie worth seeing.