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A very nice video on why software should not be patented,

Patents were introduced to encourage industry to plough in money into research and development. Patents prevented others from copying the design so that the original innovator could recoup her cost. Unlike other industries one does not spend millions or billions of dollars for many of the inventions in software and hence it  does not warrant a patent. Maybe the definition of patent should be changed to “It is novel and has costed the person innovating it a substantial sum” for something to be patented.

A nice post on Apple and its patents

How very true, patents are being used for very wrong purposes.

High time the patent office sit up and take notice at the mess it has been created in the name of safeguarding inventions and protecting creators from fraudsters.

While one cannot do away with patents one needs to come down with a heavy hand on patent trolls and companies like Apple which are using patents to malign others and cut down businesses of others.

The Patent Office needs to take cognizance of its mistakes, acknowledge it and clean up its act and become wary of granting patents at the whims and fancy of the companies or being overawed by the person claiming the patent (this is possibly what happened with Steve Jobs and Apple).

Another good read, a year old but still very relevant

Read for a hilarious post on what Apple has asked Samsung not to do to avoid violations.
It is clearly an abuse of patents. Apple cannot mandate that nobody else should be able to make flat, rectangular, thin tablets or smart phones.
Apple probably has genuine grievance against Samsung for certain violations, but the above requests are in complete violation of the spirit of patent’s law.
The patent’s office should also give a lot of thought before granting a patent to the technical companies.
Applying of very generic patents covering everything seems to be the trend of all companies so that they can sue others at the drop of a hat.