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The Fair Maid of Perth: Or St. Valentine's DayThe Fair Maid of Perth: Or St. Valentine’s Day by Walter Scott
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Based in the Scottish era the book takes a while to get used to when reading as it uses a Scottish dialect and old English. The book is about a beautiful daughter of a glove maker. She is betrothed to the best iron smith the town. The town smith is a brave man and also make the best sword and mail chains in the area. He has of admirers and equal number of enemies in the town.
The king is a weak king and his brother is plotting along with the other knights to kill the happy go lucky elder son of the king so that his own son can ascend the throne.
The prince has an eye on the daughter of the glover and is constantly trying to woo her. His cronies encourage him and also try actively help him attain this lady.
The glover deals with the highlanders for skins for his gloves. In the process one of the chief has left his son at the glover’s to work as an apprentice. The highland prince in turn has formed a close kinship with the daughter of the glover and is in love with her and wishes to wed her. But the glover is loath to this idea.
The knights of Scotland get the highland chieftans to fight unto death. By this time the glover’s apprentice has become the chief and is one of the chief’s to clash unto death. The prince is killed in the meantime at the behest of the King’s brother.
The book ends in a happy note with the wedding of the Fair Maid of Perth with the iron smith.

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