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Finally was able to put some books on the PI. Downloaded eBooks from Project Gutenberg and uploaded them onto the PI. Downloaded .mobi and .prc formats.

PI opened both formats without any problem. It is able to display the books only by directory. So if one needs to organize the books, one needs to do it manually. There seems to be no view of books by Subject or Author or any other such classification.
Just like parsing of MP3 tags is missing, parsing of details of eBooks is missing. Or am I missing something.
Addition of these two would be very helpful.
Got some time to try out the music features of the PI and here is the result:
1. Sound Quality – OK. Not great, but not bad either
2. Navigation Controls – Very limited. It only gives a listing of songs in the SD card and thats about it. One can go to next previous tracks (and this takes some time). Does not read the ID tags in the MP3. No navigation via Albums or Playlist or even via directories. Gives option to play the files in random. repeat or normal mode.
3. Volume Control: Takes a while to get used to the controls and the volume jumps around. No fine control.
4. After inserting the SD card it brought up the directories in the SD card in the library listing even though there were no books in them and on navigating into them it showed a blank.
5. The PLUS POINT is that the music plays as you read the book.

In summary it is a OK music player for amateur book lovers, but aficionados will not enjoy it. The lack of MP3 tag reading is a BIG limitation.

Haven’t tried putting the mp3 files in the memory of the device itself.

Got my hands on PI the Indian equivalent of Kindle. First opinion “Not bad”.

A quick take based on the 10-15 minutes I could spend
1. Very good screen with good readability of pdf files. (Need to check rendering of multiple files)
2. Very light weight
3. Comes with mains charger which means one can charge without switching on ones PC.

1. Slow response
2. No so elegant keys and the tactile feel is also not very good.

Watch out for more detailed review over the weekend when I get a chance to try it out a little more.