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Exploring the Practice of AntifragilityExploring the Practice of Antifragility by Sinan Si Alhir

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The book is a a summary of discussion between people from various background on Anti-Fragility.

My take away from the book is an understanding of the Anti-Fragility as defined by Nassim Taleb. Nassim defines Fragility as the property of the system to break down when subject to unexpected stress.
Nassim defines Robustness as the property of the system to continue functioning ignoring the unexpected stress.
Nassim defines Anti-Fragility as the property of the system to not only continue functioning when subject to unexpected stress, but also learns from the event and is better prepared so that the next time the event is no longer unexpected.

While the extreme interpretation of the book maybe construed as Artificial Intelligence, it is not necessarily only that. A system which includes human could be considered Anti-Fragile if the humans and system reacts well to unexpected events and the humans is prepare the system to better face the next time the event recurs.

A decent reads. Better if one reads the Anti-Fragility book before reading this to better appreciate what the discussion is all about.

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