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Sufi - The Invisible Man of The UnderworldSufi – The Invisible Man of The Underworld by Aabid Surti
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book gives an insight into how one can be influenced by different people and get into different paths even though one is from the same background and from the same environment. The book compares the life of the author and the one of the don’s of the underworld called Sufi. Both of them are from the same area, Dongri in Mumbai. Both of them lose their father and are cared for by their mothers. Both of them go to the same school.
The author comes under the influence of a group of writers, artists and other academicians, while the sufi comes under the influence of the bootleggers in the area. He is then guided by a police who gives him tips on how he can make his livelihood by running an almost risk free illegal operation.
A good read.

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