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Though the title reads “Helplessness” I am not sure if it is “Helplessness” or “Helplessness Enforced because of apathy and inertia”.
As I was walking down the roads to come to my office I saw two children and their mother begging for food outside an eatery which is frequented by college going boys and girls.
The boy was carrying a whip with which he would whip himself trying to win the sympathy of the people around and then asking them for the money. The children and mother were slovenly and one would shy away from having contact with them because of the dirt that had accumulated on their bodies. These bodies were outside the eatery.
Inside the eatery there were bodies decked in clean clothes sitting on tables an eating food at a price in which the two children and mother could have lived probably for at least a week. Note the contrast, the people inside were paying as much for one meal as that would have help feed the bodies outside for at least three days if not more.

And what was I doing; rushing to office as it pays me a fat salary to keep my luxuries flowing in. Just past the eatery was a shop selling pastries and past it was a shop selling biscuits and chocolates all of which is enjoyed by my son (about the same age as the boy with the whip) and self too.
And did I stop by to get the child a pastry or a chocolate or a pastry? No. I was too much worried about what will happen if I miss my train and I go late to my office and will I not get my full increment the next time around. I just had a fleeting thought as to what the child would go through as it passed the glass front with display of pastries and the glass bottles filled with chocolates. But that was about it. I did not even stop by to buy a few biscuits and give it to the children; whereas a couple of days back I spent more than what the bodies in the eatery were spending to get pastries and cookies for my family.
What kind of people are we?